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Jazz singer & Music Producer

From the cobblestoned streets of Bergen, to the ocean breeze of Ipanema. Sheila Simmenes is jazz singer and music producer who lovingly sprinkles her music with influences and inspirations from all over the world. 

In 2008-2009, she toured Brazil with the brazilian reggae band Atropa, before moving to Kristiansand where she worked with nordic jazz musicians and released the album Darling with LEO - Love Exit Orchestra in 2016. 

Her debutalbum Love Was Easy, came in 2021 to great acclaim and attention, and her music found it's way to radio stations in Portugal, Australia, Norway and England. The soundscape of her debut album was 100% organic and analog, with a hint of vintage sound - while the compositions play with lyrics on local Norwegian dialect, English and Brazilian portuguese. 


Reggae, Jazz and Symphonic collaborations

Her musical resumé stretches from brazilian underground clubmusic, samba and reggae with Kristiansand Symphonic Orchestra - to pop, electronica, house, EDM, acoustic country, folk music, jazz and soul. Moving smoothly between the edges of musical genres, and picking up influences around the world. She has worked with a long line of different musicians and producers in Scandinavia, Europe and Brazil.

Her songs has been featured in major media such as Rolling Stones Magazine BR, TV Brasil, SBT Brasil, O Globo and a broad selection of music media all over the globe. Her sound has been mentioned to remind the listener of other jazz and soul-artists such as Lisa Ekdahl, Silje Nergård, Portishead and Selah Sue - while also being inspired by artists such as Erykah Badu, Leo Middea, Yuna, Amel Larrieux and Melody Gardot.

In the summer of 2018 she invited a selection of her favorite musicians to join her at Kongshavn Studio, on the southern coast of Norway. With producer Bjørn Ole Rasch - they recorded what has become her debut album. A deep dive into the rhythms of brazil, fused with nordic melodic styles within jazz and neo-soul.

Club set in 2024

After the release of Love Was Easy, Sheila has reworked and remixed her songs and live set, and is now booking club sets with a rhythmic explosion of organic beats, percussions and playfully layered vocals, presented with beats, drums/percussions, trumpet and/or violins. Perfect for festivals, clubs and any event that is looking for something new, bouncy and exiting.


Contact for booking inquiries.

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