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Jørgen Dahl Moe - I Never Had You
Kjært Barn - Nummer En
SoundSAM - The Vibe
Sunniva - Piece Of Me
Kjært Barn - På Knærne
Walter Laureti - Denne Dalen
Du og jeg og vi 2-3-4
SoundSAM - All The Love You Loose
Rebekka B. Maeland - Summer Feeling
Rebekka B. Maeland - Crazy Woman
Vilan Trax - Believe It Remix
Twisted Artistics - Get A Grip
Sam & Sky - Skammens Diskotek
Sam & Sky - Litt Mer
LEO - Love Exit Orchestra - Darling
Darling, Its over cover
Peter Mesquita - Wake Up (EP)
Love Exit orchestra
LEO - Believe It




Norwegian songwriter/topliner with a broad experience in different genres - pop, jazz, hip hop, EDM, rock and reggae. She has worked with a long line of different musicians and producers in Scandinavia and Brazil.

Her musical resumé stretches from brazilian underground clubmusic, samba and reggae with Kristiansand Symphonic Orchestra - to pop, electronica, house, EDM, acoustic country, folk music, jazz and soul. Moving smoothly between the edges of musical genres, and picking up influences from around the world.

Her songs has been featured in major media as Rolling Stones Magazine BR, TV Brasil, SBT Brasil, O Globo and a broad selection of music media around the world.


2017 - Official Norwegian Gay Pride Song "Skammens Diskotek" - Sam & Sky

2013 - Best Scandinavian Soul Single "Summer Feeling" - Rebekka , by Scandinavian Soul Awards

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