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Behind the Song: Love Was Easy

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

The single Love Was Easy was released on April 30th. Here is an insight to the backstory and the experiences that inspired it. Hope you like it!

The Love That Didn't Last

Falling in love as a teenager and in my early twenties was easy. Though, I failed to understand at the time the full significance of certain moments in time. It is not until looking back that I have been fully able to appreciate the beauty of the short spaces in time where we got to walk together and learn from each other. That some things are valuable not because of how long it lasted or how the relationship ended, but because for a moment in time - we loved each other. The song is not about one particular person, but rather a mix of memories from several past relationships.

For a moment in time I held your heart next to mine And maybe if you look into my eyes you'll feel it too My heart and you

Memories And Lessons Learned

Marius, who I never really got to say goodbye to.

Edu, who took me on adventures in Sao Paulo, Oslo and Rome. Marcos, who I thought I would marry one day.

I look back on my past relationships with love and gratitude for the time we spent together. With all my heart, I wish them the very best and I know that most of them have found happiness, gotten married and live wonderfully, creative lives.

So take this moment

because it's all I have

to give you when you slip away

My love I've held you through the darkest days

and I give

my light

for you

Why Everything That Happened Was Just As It Was Meant To Be

My story has had a happy ending too. As I'm writing this (at 5am in the morning because I can't sleep), I am pregnant with my second child. I have been together with her wonderful father for the last 7 years, and we already have a beautiful little girl who will now become a big sister.

Having children also leads to the surreal realisation that everything I have ever done in my life has been right. Even the things that hurt. Even the heartbreak and the relationships that didn't last. The mistakes and the missed opportunities. Because If I had even changed one little detail, I wouldn't have gotten to meet my daughters.

So to all my past lovers, exes and heartbreaks - Thank you.

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