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Behind the Song: Anywhere You Go

Anywhere You Go (May 28th, 2021) is a sweet brazilian MPB inspired composition on wanderlust sprinkled with memories of past adventures.

A Year Without Travel

It is almost a little strange to release this song now. In a time where so many of us have been isolated, alone and unable to travel to the ones we love or to discover new places. It makes me feel incredible lucky and grateful for the life I have lead so far and the many journeys I have made - both alone and with people I love.

Some of my favorites:


I traveled alone to Paris in my twenties and spent a week exploring the city. I met new and old friends, discovered some amazing restaurants (and stole a kiss from someone who will remain a secret).

Under the tower in Paris

good food and a stolen kiss

I wanna live my life like this

and sway through the world

in your arms


Travelling with my then ex-boyfriend (but still very much in love) - a tall, smart and funny American named Chris. We drove through the desert from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. Whenever I hear old songs from Modest Mouse or Brand New - Im right back in that car with him.

The view of the Canyon

And the desert we crossed on the way

Backpacking through South-America

In my early twenties, me and my best friend Runa embarked on a two month backpacking trip to Miami, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina and Brazil. It was absolutely crazy and I loved every minute of it.

The high lakes of Peru

The long hikes and Macchu Picchu

The lovely days in Miami

And the sun rising up from the sea

Tapestry of Memories

Much like "Love Was Easy" and many of my other songs, "Anywhere You Go" is a tapestry of experiences from different relationships and moments in time. Like a jar of my most precious memories.

Becoming Yourself

One of the things I love the most about travelling is how you can reset yourself. When you are in a situation when you don't really know the language, customs, gestures and no one has any expectations of you - you may find yourself stripped down to the core. This may give you an opportunity to get to know yourself again. Who you really are - underneath all the expectations, customs and habits in your own culture.

So this song is a thank you letter. To everywhere I have been. To everyone I have met.

I hope you are safe.

And that we may meet again.

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