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Behind The Song: Promise Me

Promise Me (July 30th, 2021) is a portrait of a love story that stretched from cold nights in Norway to the sandy beaches is Rio de Janeiro.

The Beginning

This is the story of a boy who hopped on a plane from Norway to Brazil to tell me that he loved me. I was going on tour in Rio and was not looking for a relationship at the time, but he was persistent and sweet. By the time we reached the beaches of Bahia in northern Brazil, we were both in love and spent the days discovering the streets and the music together.

He was fearless, adventurous, creative and sweet, but also reckless and spontaneous. We were both a little lost when we met and found a harbour in each other. For a while.

You never really cared about the consequence,

Just where the fun begins, never where it ends

You can make the whole world your home

You’re on your own, but you’re never alone

Fearless, such a beautiful mess

And I invite you in


the story

of how we meet and slip inside the sheets

The Chorus

The chorus of the song is about the moment you let go and allow yourself to trust someone's love for you. It's the sweet inbetween. Just when you open up and let new love and light enter.

Promise me, completely

I am yours

The End

Our break up was sudden and unexpected. I think none of us really wanted it to happen, but at the time we were both too tired, stubborn and scared. We were both vulnerable and had personal chaos to deal with. Then suddenly we both said the words we did not want to say or hear - and it was over.

For a long time I still expected us to one day meet, talk and perhaps find our way back to each other. More grown, stronger and ready for what we had wanted to be for each other. But we never did.

A few years after we broke up, he got sick while travelling and passed away. There is so much I never got to tell him. So much guilt, sorrow and regret. And I just need him to know that he gave me sunlight and joy and that I am grateful to him for that.

I think he knows.

I hope he knows.

This song is for Marius.

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1 Comment

May 24, 2023

With its heartfelt lyrics and melodic composition, "Promise Me" captures the essence of a deep connection between two individuals. It explores the emotions and sacrifices that come with maintaining a love that spans across continents. And for this song to get more plays on the Tidal platform, you need to use Tidal promotion

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