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From the cobblestoned streets of Bergen, to the ocean breeze of Ipanema. Sheila Simmenes presents elegant compositions that playfully and lovingly blends nordic and brazilian folk music, jazz, pop and soul. 

The soundscape of the debut album Love Was Easy, is 100% organic and analog, with a hint of vintage sound - while the compositions play with lyrics on local norwegian dialect, english and brazilian portuguese. 

This year, the jazz singer is finally emerging with her a new live club set and a sound that skilfully combines a myriad of musical impulses - manifesting itself in the genre of electronic world music, with the veil of warm yet playful vocals layered on top.

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"Hers is a singular voice, managing to be both unique and familiar, her lyrics inventive and heartfelt, her phrasing somehow elastic and incredibly precise, her control seemingly effortless" - Andy Inglis

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